Cilantro and Hemp Seed Dressing

I love Mexican flavors.  My husband will tell you that if anyone mentions Mexican food I immediately perk up and ask where and when are we going, often not dropping the subject until the date has been set.  Since starting the ETL 6-Week  Challenge last week, I realize that there probably isn't much for me to eat at a Mexican restaurant for the next few weeks.  Cheese comes on just about everything, the chips are deep fried, and the sauces, salsas, and beans are heavily oversalted.

BUT, that won't stop me from making dishes with some Mexican flavors at home!  Cilantro is a fantastic herb that can go well with many different cuisines, and I love it in Mexican dishes.  Since on the 6-Week ETL Challenge I have been eating big big salads and lots of steamed veggies daily, I thought I would make a yummy cilantro dressing to use throughout the week.

This recipe features hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts), which are small seeds from a commercial hemp plant (related to marijuana plant family, but with none of the inebriating side effects).  I buy my hemp seeds in a large bag from Costco and I store it in my fridge next to my ground flaxseed and chia seeds.  To find hemp seeds where you live try Costco or your local health food store.  They can often be found in the bulk bin at the grocery store as well.  If all else fails, order them on Vitacost or another health/bulk food website.

If you don't have access to hemp seeds and HAVE to have this dressing right this minute, the hemp seeds can easily be replaced with raw cashews or raw sunflower seeds.

Cilantro and Hemp Seed Dressing
Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4-6 servings

Here I enjoyed the Cilantro and Hemp Seed Dressing drizzled over
steamed green beans and topped with raw sunflower seeds.
Best way to get your 1 lb. of raw veggies in a day!
        1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds
        1/2 cup chickpeas
        1/2 to 1 cup water
        1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro
        2 Tbsp fresh lime juice
        2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
        1 Tbsp your favorite no-salt seasoning blend (optional)
        1 tsp minced garlic
        1 tsp chili powder

1.)  In a high speed blender blend all ingredients starting with 1/2 cup water until smooth and creamy.
2.)  Add more water and blend for the desired consistency.
3.)  Serve on top of steamed vegetables, or chill and serve as a veggie dip or salad dressing.

Amy's Notes:

Now, some people don't have a taste for cilantro, and that's fine, but for those of you who do, check out some awesome reasons to add cilantro to your repertoire today!

On another note, check out the gorgeous lavender I harvested from my garden earlier this week!
Some of it ended up in a vase in my kitchen and the rest is drying in bundles to be saved for tea and aromatic crafts.

Health and Happiness,



Week 1 of ETL 6-Week Challenge

So, last Monday I started Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live 6-Week Aggressive Weight Loss Program.  I talk more about specifics of how and what I eat on this page here.  Back when I first read Eat to Live in January 2011, I went through this 6-week program... for 4 weeks, and then I met Kevin (my now husband) and gave a little here and there tweaking the program to fit with my life better at that point.

In the years since then I have had ups and downs of following a Nutritarian lifestyle through huge changes in my life including moves, marriage, new jobs, etc.  I have gone through a personal struggle with weight following hormonal complications with birth control I took when Kevin and I first got married.  I don't believe I've mentioned this much on the blog, mostly because I would start to write a post and delete it thinking it wasn't right or good enough.

Long story but, when we first got married in 2012 I went on a pill for birth control.  Several months later I was noticing that I was having extreme fatigue issues (my iron, Vitamin D, and B-12 levels were fine).  One day I went home from work with what I thought was the start of an ear infection.  While driving one side of my face went partially numb and I had a panic attack before making it to a health clinic.  It was probably the worst day of my life.

The clinic doctor attributed the pain and part of the numbness to a migraine onset by TMJ muscle issues, which were aggravated by excessive caffeine from coffee I had that day.  He suggested I go home and relax the rest of the day, and take ibuprofen daily for my TMJ issues whether I was feeling pain or not. (Thanks doc... super helpful.  I didn't follow this advice with the medication BTW.)

If you have ever had a panic attack, you will understand how helpless and out of control I felt.  After this incident I continued to feel an awful overhanging feeling that something was about to go wrong... all the time.  When you have had one panic attack, your "emergency" hormones and chemicals in your body are going crazy, and your body reacts to those regardless of what the mind tries telling the body.  Because of that and an incessant fear of having another panic attack, it took me over a year to feel normal again.

After the panic attack, I went off of my birth control pills and went with something that did not mess with the hormones in my body.  During this time of feeling unlike myself and constantly anxious, I gained close to 20 lbs.  Since then I have slowly released some of those pounds while practicing a very loose nutritarian diet.  Now that I feel like my mental and hormonal health are under control, I wanted to complete what I didn't quite do over four years ago: the 6-week ETL challenge.  Last week was my first week and here is how it went (These pictures are from a great food tracking app that I use called Two Grand.  If you'd like to join me on there, the app is free and you can search for my username, "amynutritarian".):

Monday Dinner: Sauteed Asian Veggies with Butter Lettuce
(I used the lettuce as little wraps to eat the bowl of veggies with...
yep I ate that whole head of lettuce!)
  • Monday
    • Breakfast: banana and strawberries
    • Lunch: Large green salad and 1/2 bowl homemade bean chili
    • Dinner: Lettuce wraps with water sauteed Asian veggies
    • Dessert: watermelon
    • Exercise: Actively walking around work, first day at our new gym with a 1 mile walk, stretching, and arm lifting exercises
Tuesday Lunch: Large Green salad topped with hemp hearts and ground flaxseed,
along with leftover chili and two golden beets that were sliced and steamed.
  • Tuesday: 
    • Breakfast: apple and peach slices
    • Lunch: Large green salad, 1/2 homemade bean chili, 2 sliced steamed golden beets
    • Dinner: Steamed kale with water sauteed Asian veggies
    • Dessert: watermelon
    • Exercise: This day I went home early from work because I tripped up on the treadmill the day before and badly strained my hip, so no exercise this day.
Dinner Wednesday: Water sauteed onions, garlic, mushrooms, and kale
with a peanut sweet and sour sauce, topped with hemp hearts.
  • Wednesday:
    • Breakfast: apple and peach slices
    • Lunch: Large green salad and an apple
    • Dinner: water sauteed garlic, onion, mushrooms, and kale
    • Dessert: watermelon
    • Extras: 1 beer at weekly trivia
    • Exercise: Again, my hip was injured and I was unable to exercise this day.
Thursday Dinner: Lightly steamed collard green leaves wrapped up with hummus,
cilantro, red onion, carrot, mushroom, and celery.
Steamed green beans with cilantro hemp dressing topped with raw sunflower seeds.
This was by far my favorite meal of the week!
  • Thursday:
    • Breakfast: apple and peach slices
    • Lunch: Large green salad and two red plums
    • Dinner: Collard green veggie wraps, steamed green beans with hemp seed dressing
    • Dessert: watermelon
    • Exercise: I went home early from work again this day from an onset of nausea and just feeling unwell.  I thought the nausea might be from detoxing.  That evening, my sinuses stuffed up with what I think is a reaction to some chemicals they sprayed in my work building due to some flooding of a water fountain (I have to remember, this is just my body protecting me, but I sure felt miserable.)
Friday Lunch: Large green leaf lettuce salad (lettuce from my neighbor's garden)
with chickpeas, red onion, carrot, ground flaxseed, hemp hearts,
sundried tomatoes, and cilantro hemp dressing.
  • Friday:
    • Breakfast: banana
    • Exercise: Mid morning I met with a trainer at my new gym.  She kept it very easy on my hip that was healing and stuck to arm exercises.
    • Lunch: Large green salad
    • Dinner: Small green salad out at a restaurant (I ordered tomato soup, but it was far to salty and I didn't eat more than a few bites)
    • Extras: sampling beer at a brewery
Saturday Lunch and Later Dinner: Collard green vegetable soup flavored with
black pepper and Mrs. Dash no-salt seasoning.
This was the day that I was feeling the worst,
so a nice mild bowl or two of soup was just what I needed.
  • Saturday:
    • Breakfast: Skipped, did not feel well from my sinuses and cough
    • Lunch: Plain vegetable soup
    • Dinner: Indian chickpeas and brown rice while out running errands with my husband
    • Extras: more vegetable soup later at night
    • Exercise: Walking around running errands
Sunday After Lunch: A big bowl of delicious red raspberries!
  • Sunday:
    • Breakfast: Skipped, did not feel hungry in the morning
    • Lunch: Lettuce wrapped bean burger with sugar snap peas, bowl of raspberries
    • Dinner: Grilled potatoes and whole wheat toast with preserves while out with my husband at a breakfast food place
    • Dessert: homemade chocolate peanut butter banana nice cream

Summary:  I feel like I had a good rhythm to the week despite generally falling apart from an injured hip and having respiratory issues.  Places I'm looking to improve on this week are increasing my exercise now that my hip is feeling better, making dinner a smaller meal so that I am truly hungry for breakfast the next morning, and limiting my consumption of beer to one on Wednesday and one on Friday or Saturday.  Overall, I am down 3 lbs, and am hoping to progress more this week without as many hurdles as last week.

Health and Happiness,



Current Happenings

Wow!  Where has spring gone!?  We hit warm weather in western Washington about two weeks ago, and it has stayed around 75-85 and gorgeous!

This last week was a whirlwind of fun and craziness!  My 25th Birthday (gasp!) was on Friday, so I took an extra few days off of work to travel to my hometown and spend it with family and friends.  Kevin and I were also in some of our best friends' wedding this weekend.

On Wednesday I left (Kevin was driving over with his dad later) for Spokane and once in town I spent the evening with my best guy friend from high school.  It had been a long time since we have gotten time to catch up alone outside of a group party.  I always lovingly refer to him as our "Ted" from How I Met Your Mother.  He is about the nicest, most gentlemanly guy there is who often goes on dates with girls who say they want "the nice guy" when they really don't appreciate those qualities in the end.  What can I say... girls can be dumb.

The next day (Thursday), I spent shopping with my mom around town.  My parents don't usually get me a wrapped present for my birthday because my mom and I enjoy shopping together so much, she gets me presents while we are out and about.  Oh, how I have missed shopping since we have been so good about saving for a house!  While bargain shopping I ended up getting a bright blue purse, khaki shorts, blue blousey top, three dresses, and a few B&BW shower gels.

That evening at my parent's place we had a small backyard party with some of my closest friends for my birthday.  We dug out the croquet set and had a fun time attempting to play.  I got dead last in the game!

The next day, my good friend April came over to enjoy the sunshine on the back porch with my mom and I.  My mom made my favorite for lunch: veggie Thai pizza!  Yum!  After lunch, April took me to get a pedicure which was fantastic.  Sparkly gold was my color pick this time ;).

Beers in the sunshine!

Gorgeous earrings April got me for my birthday!
I'm also wearing the blue blouse and shorts my parents got me.

My brother and sister-in-law also got me a Fitbit Zip.  I've enjoyed using it this week so far!

Friday evening, I headed up to the wedding rehearsal dinner at the bride's parent's home where the wedding would take place.  Rehearsals are always so exciting and hectic, in a good way of course!  The rehearsal dinner food was mostly BBQ, but I enjoyed the big platters of veggies and fruit provided.

Where the ceremony took place.  At the rehearsal we practiced walking on their gorgeous flagstone walkway.

The bride and groom practicing their first dance.

All of the wedding party practicing how to dip when we join in at the end of their first dance.  Another bridesmaid's boyfriend was standing in with me because Kevin was across the state for his youngest brother's high school graduation.

The day of the wedding was a long one.... but so much fun!  I got up around 6:30 so I had time to pack up my things, pick up some teas/lattes, pick up another bridesmaid, and get dropped off at the Bride's house by 8.  From there we packed her up, picked up one more bridesmaid, and headed up to her parents' house.

The morning and most of the afternoon was spent enjoying mimosas with lots of giggling, as well as getting our hair and makeup done.  After that was pictures and waiting for guests to arrive.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was a blast!  We stayed until nearly midnight after the bride and groom left.

The men all dressed up in their finest.  My hubby looking the most adorable of all on the groom's left shoulder.

The bride and groom getting their pictures before the wedding.  She looked like an absolute princess

April and I enjoying the party.  Damn she tans well!

Me and the Husband :)

My dad and I joining in on the father-daughter dance.
It got chilly once the sun went down, so I was happy when we started
 the more lively dancing later and I could keep warm
with jumping and dancing around.
This week is another crazy one... although not nearly as crazy as last week.  Yesterday evening we had a friend over to help us put together a poker table he acquired off of Craigslist to go in our bar room.  Tonight we have another friend staying the night with us because he is here as a sports writer for the U.S Open.  We'll also be going to our favorite local trivia spot for some fun.  Then on Friday we have retirement party to go to for one of Kevin's coworker's.  I'm most looking forward to Saturday when we have local friends and co-workers over for a house warming party.  It'll definitely give me some motivation to keep working at cleaning up the yard!

Hope everyone else's week goes well!

Health and Happiness,