Day 3, Week 5

Ah, today was a long day....

Food log: 

  • Breakfast: steamed spinach, cashews, nutritional yeast, spicy balsamic vinegar
  • Lunch: spinach salad with carrots, celery, red onion, broccoli, and cannellini beans with tahini dressing
  • Dinner: Happy Herbivore enchilada casserole, watermelon
  • Extras: 3 beers (dinner and trivia)
My salad for lunch
Enchilada Casserole
Topped with vegan nacho cheese, guacamole, and salsa
Exercise log: yoga in the morning

How I felt:  Today I felt just exhausted.... Let me tell you why: before Kevin and I got married last September, I went on the pill a few months before to get used to it and had been on it up until I started this six week challenge a few weeks ago.  I went off the pill for several reasons, the most important reason being that I had extreme fatigue and migraines from it.  So, today started my first "time of the month" since going off of the pill.  It has been hell!  I haven't had this heavy of flow or this bad of back pains since I can remember. :( It's as if I wasn't having a full period since I had been on the pill, and my body is taking its wrath on me because of it.  I hope as I continue with my Nutritarian lifestyle and rebalance my hormones, that it gets better.  My eating for the day went very well.  I forced myself to eat steamed greens for breakfast (maybe it will grow on me), then had a large lovely salad for lunch. After work I went over to my parents for dinner.  My mom made a dish from Happy Herbivore, one of her favorite cookbooks, for the first time: Enchilada casserole.  It. Was. Delicious!  I had to stop myself at one serving, but I could definitely have eaten more.  On top of it I put the nacho cheese recipe from the book, some homemade guacamole, and salsa. Yum!

What is your favorite Nutritarian-friendly cook book?