Results so far on my version of Chef AJ's Ultimate Weight Loss Program

So how have I been doing since beginning with my version of Chef AJ's Ultimate Weight Loss program?  Mentally, I'm worlds better!  Physically, I'm on the right track.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have had a bad relationship with food and food cravings.  This program has helped with that tremendously, along with being vigilant to not look at food blogs.  Instead, I have been enjoying reading some knitting and home improvement blogs.  Overall, I feel like I am more in-tune with my body's needs and have consistently been eating only when truly hungry.

Since starting the program, I am down 7 lbs and have been steadily losing from week to week.  Along with actual weight loss, I have been feeling slimmer overall, as if what I have been losing has been only fat that has been holding on for a while.  My clothes have been fitting better, even to the point that one of my favorite pairs of jeans were too lose even after a wash and dry.  I think that I still have a good 20-30 lbs to lose before I get within a comfortable healthy weight, but I am encouraged to keep on my same path and let that happen over time.

Another physical change that I have noticed is my skin.  Since I was 15 or so, I have been dealing with acne of some sort.  Some times have been better than others, but I have always had a blemish or pimple on my face to deal with or cover up.  After starting the program, I haven't had a single breakout.  As if weight loss wasn't motivation enough!  It has been so nice to use minimal makeup and to not be self conscious of my face.  I have felt more confident as a result.

One thing that has helped me a lot to stay on track is planning my weekly meals ahead of time.  By this I mean my lunches and dinners.  My snacks and veggies for breakfast change up daily depending on what veggies and fruit I have on stock.  For lunches and dinners, I have been batch cooking many of my essentials including brown rice, baked sweet potatoes, as well as soups and chilis.

For brown rice, I cook it once a week in my pressure cooker, generally making 8-12 cups in the end.  I leave about 2-4 cups in the fridge and freeze the rest in 2 cup portions in baggies.  Over the next week, I pull out and defrost what is needed.  Kevin eats quite a bit of rice although he is not following my same plan, so we go through my stock pretty regularly.

The sweet potatoes I either bake 4-6 at a time and store them in the fridge until I need them, or I have been taking raw potatoes to work and baking them in our toaster oven in a pinch.  My sweet potatoes are generally my favorite food within a day.  Often I chop them up and add them to my soup or chili, eat them plain by themselves, or top them with a vegetable or bean based sauce (like Chef AJ's Yummy Sauce).

The chilis and soups I have been making include my favorite Three Bean Chili, Summer Vegetable Corn Chowder, Potato Leek Soup, Mexican Pinto Bean Soup, and Creamy Broccoli Soup.  The nice thing about most chilis and soups is that my husband will eat them, so I don't have to worry about his meals very much.

That's all for now folks.  I'll be coming back later next week with a few more posts about some fun traveling, crafts, and home improvements we have been doing.  See you next time! :)

Health and Happiness,



  1. What, if any, are the differences between Eat to Live and Chef AJ's plan?

    1. Hi Alyssa,

      There really aren't too many differences between the two plans, but let me detail them out:

      They both recommend 2 lbs of veggies daily, although Dr. Fuhrman specifies that 1 lb should be raw and 1 lb should be cooked.

      Both include fresh fruits, particularly for dessert, although Dr. Fuhrman specifies at least 4 fresh fruits daily emphasizing berries for immunity and cancer prevention.

      Both include bean or vegetable soups, stews, and chilis.

      One difference is the stance on whole grains and starchy vegetables. Dr. Fuhrman's aggressive weight loss program limits these to one serving, or one cup per day, whereas Chef AJ has no limit on these foods as long as vegetables are eaten first. I find that when I get all of the veggies in, I don't have room for more than one serving or so of these foods.

      Another difference is the use of nuts and seeds, and higher fat foods such as coconut and avocado. On Dr. Fuhrman's aggressive weight loss plan, he limits nuts and seeds to 1 ounce daily. Chef AJ's plan eliminates nuts, seeds, and high fat foods.

      They both eliminate oils, salt, and processed sugar. Both have recipes that include dates as the sweetening agent.

      The largest core difference is that Dr. Fuhrman's plan is centered around nutritional excellence with an emphasis on disease preventing foods, aka GBOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds/nuts). Chef AJ's plan is geared towards low caloric density for weight loss and elimination of trigger foods that cause overeating and cravings.

      Personally, I have had issues with overeating and giving in to cravings, so Chef AJ's plan is working well for me now to "reset" my thinking and eating habits. Someday I may go back to having some nuts and seeds on Dr. Fuhrman's plan, but for now I am enjoying my routine on Chef AJ's plan.

      Hope that helps to clarify some things! :)


    2. Thanks for the info Amy.

  2. Thank you so much for posting about what you have been eating. I too have around 20 pounds to lose. Not eating animal products is not a problem for me since I was raised vegetarian. My problem of course is everything else! I feel like I make the decision to not eat processed foods every week and every week, I am starting over. I really appreciate you listing what you generally eat. I love green veggies, rice and red potatoes. I just need to get organized, throw junk out, and stock my pantry and fridge with the items I love. Good luck to you and please keep posting about your tips and your successes. You have inspired me to take action now this week and not wait till Monday!

    1. Hi Guni, I'm in the same boat as you. If it is in the house, I have a hard time not eating it!

    2. That is the motto of our program. If it's in your mouth it's in your house. Are you in our Facebook group?

  3. Hi Amy! Do you know of any good online groups for nutritarianish eating? This week I lasted all of two days before stress-eating chocolate. :o)

    1. Hi Ingunn, Here are a few facebook groups that I am a part of and are geared toward nutritarian or plant-based eating. You can find tons of support, ideas, and inspiration on all of these. :)

      This last one is for nutritarians who have pressure cookers (aka best appliance ever!). :)

  4. I gained a lot of weight just around my belly after I was attacked for years ago at the doctors it was horrific violence and lies
    I gained a lot of weight just around my belly after I was attacked for years ago at the doctors it was horrific violence and lies

    I have a lot of sleeping problems insomnia I don't see how I could cut out or else I'm just craving them and I want bread and vegan butter and so go out and meet Vegan at cool vegan restaurants I do pick out on brown rice but I put some vegan carrot ginger sauce on it , yesterday I picked out on Beacon Chinese food with some kind of curry soup veggies and vegan spring rolls I want to lose weight but I'm so stressed I just can't think of giving up the fun things to eat or the comfort foods right now.

    I don't keep enough fruits and vegetables in my home. Still feel I can organize myself to follow any kind of diet