3 Things NOT in My Nutritarian Pantry

To follow up on the last post of my 7 Nutritarian Pantry Staples, I thought I would let you guys in on what I DON'T (usually) keep in my pantry.

My pantry is not a 100% Nutritarian safe-haven.  I do share this house with an omni-husband and a cracker/cereal-loving toddler.  I keep a small stock of baking items such as flour and sugar, just in case I need to make any baked items for guests or an event.  I also have some sweeteners like honey and maple syrup that I bring out for special occasions.  For the most part, I keep these non-Nutritarian items on very high or very low shelves in my pantry so that they are not easy to get to.  (My husband's snacks and goodies are in our kitchen on a shelf next to the garbage... so I remember not to touch them because they are garbage! ;))

There are a few things that are not in my pantry because I've either learned to live without them or avoid them for a good reason.  Here is what I don't have stocked:


7 Nutritarian Pantry Staples

I've spent the last seven years working on being a Nutritarian.  I say "working" because I am not and have never been perfect.  It's never been my goal with this blog to set the example of "perfect", but to give you guys a little peek into my Nutritarian journey with my wins and road blocks and occasional crashes.  Lately, I've been having a lot of wins with some new routines, eliminating some internal stresses, and getting my body moving more (which has more to do with stress than body composition for me).

With roughly seven years under my belt, I've learned a few tricks that I know make me more successful, and one big trick is having a few Nutritarian staples in the pantry.  Please don't feel like you need to go out and immediately buy all of these things to make you a better Nutritarian.  This is what I have found works for me, but your tastes and preferences may be different.


Nutritarian Lifestyle and Evolving Values

Evolving Values.

I read somewhere once that we change drastically every five years.  Not in a way that the timer hits five years and suddenly we are a different person, but at any moment in time we can look back at ourselves 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and realize that we have had a major paradigm shift (or two) within that time.  Maybe we enter a new stage in life, or a large event happens to make life different, or maybe our experiences give us an evolved mindset.


Reflections after reading Bright Line Eating

A dear blogging/Instagram friend of mine, Sandy (find her blog here), recently suggested that I read Bright Line Eating, by Susan Peirce Thompson (find the book here, but please consider your local library first).  After a short rant on Instagram of how I was frustrated with having food cravings, and giving into binges, and having a hard time eating the way I know is healthy, Sandy kindly wrote me a message and told me about how BLE had helped her with her food behaviors and habits.  I requested the book from my library and started reading the afternoon I got it.

The author, Susan, happens to be plant-based, but this book really is more about the inner-workings of the brain and how it responds to food in the context of one's susceptibility to food addiction.  "Bright lines" is the idea that you create HARD-SET rules for yourself around food that are brights lines you never cross.  The rules it sets for you are roughly: 1.) no sugar, 2.) no flour, 3.) mealtimes, and 4.) quantities.  Obviously, the book goes into great detail of the why and how, so I would definitely recommend checking it out for yourself.


Getting Back into it, 2018

Hiya folks!  It's been a while!  How did everyone's holidays go?  Are you off to a good start for 2018?!

I'm sad to say that my holidays felt excessive.  I had a wonderful time with friends and family and enjoyed every minute of that, but, unfortunately, I enjoyed too many goodies and drinks.  Come New Years, I was feeling crummy and kicking myself for not behaving better over the holidays.  So what did I do next?

I made a plan, asked for help, and made my health and my diet a priority!  I invested in what I think is one of the most valuable tools I've ever come across for a nutritarian.  It is a straightforward, 100% nutritarian meal prepping plan from Kristen at the Hello Nutritarian blog.  About a year ago she came out with her fabulous ebook, The Nutritarian Food Prep Power Plan.

When she published it a year ago I "oohed" and "awwed" at her pictures, but thought, "I don't think I need that.  I've been roughly nutritarian for over five years.  I should have this all down by now."  Well, folks, I did not.  This last year I let myself slip up more and more often, compromising my health and my goals for convenience and addictive foods (read: chocolate... all of the chocolate).  I based even my healthier meals off of more grains, forgetting that it NEEDS to be all about the veggies.

At the end of December, I swallowed my pride and admitted that this nutritarian needed a big refresher.  So, I let all most of my negative self talk go, bought the book, and allowed Kristen to do all of the thinking for me.

(Here is the link to Kristen's ebook.  Trust me, it's worth it!)

I'm now 17 days into the new year and I have been perfect nutritarian all but one of those days (we celebrated the Husband's birthday in Seattle early January), thanks to the Power Plan.  I'm currently on her second week of the meal plan (All Asian Fusion recipes, and they are amazing!).  I have been eating not one, but TWO salads daily.  My cravings for SAD foods are just a tiny whisper in my head instead of the obsessive shouting they were just a month ago.  I've lost 5 lbs, but feel physically lighter as I see most of what has been lost is fat.

Some other benefits I've been seeing is that I'm not constantly thinking of food.  First, because everything for the week is prepped and I just have to look at the menu and grab the right things out of my fridge.  And second, because I'm starting to be not only physically full after meals, but also nutritionally satisfied.  Often times I'm not even hungry at normal meal times and delay eating for an hour or two.  I'm finally getting in touch with true hunger.

I'm going to plan on updating you guys as I progress through the meal plans, but for now, here are a bunch of food pictures (mostly salads) that I've been eating.

Health and Happiness,