Reflections after reading Bright Line Eating

A dear blogging/Instagram friend of mine, Sandy (find her blog here), recently suggested that I read Bright Line Eating, by Susan Peirce Thompson (find the book here, but please consider your local library first).  After a short rant on Instagram of how I was frustrated with having food cravings, and giving into binges, and having a hard time eating the way I know is healthy, Sandy kindly wrote me a message and told me about how BLE had helped her with her food behaviors and habits.  I requested the book from my library and started reading the afternoon I got it.

The author, Susan, happens to be plant-based, but this book really is more about the inner-workings of the brain and how it responds to food in the context of one's susceptibility to food addiction.  "Bright lines" is the idea that you create HARD-SET rules for yourself around food that are brights lines you never cross.  The rules it sets for you are roughly: 1.) no sugar, 2.) no flour, 3.) mealtimes, and 4.) quantities.  Obviously, the book goes into great detail of the why and how, so I would definitely recommend checking it out for yourself.