Nutritarian Lifestyle and Evolving Values

Evolving Values.

I read somewhere once that we change drastically every five years.  Not in a way that the timer hits five years and suddenly we are a different person, but at any moment in time we can look back at ourselves 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and realize that we have had a major paradigm shift (or two) within that time.  Maybe we enter a new stage in life, or a large event happens to make life different, or maybe our experiences give us an evolved mindset.

15 years ago I was 13.  I was very convinced I was no longer a child (HA!).  I had high school looming ahead of me with fears of not living up to my older brothers, not being able to make new friends, and being perpetually a little chubby. (I wasn't, especially when I got into sports, but I always thought I was fat... If I only could go back to what I weighed then... sigh.)  I threw myself into sports and my classes and found more and better friends who loved what I loved and created lifelong bonds.  I had a stupid boyfriend or two.  And thus, busy and happy was my new paradigm.

10 years ago I was 18.  I had just started college after having a blast being so active in high school.  I had learned a love for architecture and computer modeling in high school and had chosen architecture as my major.  But my architecture courses were more artistic and conceptual, and I hated them.  Looking back on it now, engineering would have been a better fit for my mind.  I looked through a catalog on which other majors might appeal to me, and felt a strong pull to Environmental Science.  I had just finished A World Without Us by Alan Weisman and quickly followed that with Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.  I dove into my new Environmental Science classes and it became a new passion.  Paradigm shift.

5 years ago I was 23.  Kevin and I had been married for a year or so.  To make ends meet while Kevin got his masters, I had to take a job outside of my field.  It paid well but didn't give me any excitement into my passions.  I had been Nutritarian for three years at this point and spent a lot of my free time learning new cooking skills and creating new recipes.  I went deeper into the science behind it and solidified it as the way I wanted to live the rest of my life. (God knows I haven't been perfect, but I knew back then that my ideal self would be Nutritarian.)  Paradigm shift.

Today and over the last year, I have felt another shift in my life.  I'm going to be painfully brief here because each one of these topics is (and will be) a whole blog post in its own.  Here is how those shifts happened.


When we had Ben in 2016, I started to realize what was truly important in my life right now: spending time with my family doing things we enjoy.  Simple enough, right?  With seemingly less time in the day, I felt bogged down by to do lists mostly consisting of "clean this" and "reorganize that".  I then found Minimalism.  I spent the last year getting rid of literally a TON of stuff.

Frugal Living.

When the stuff was gone, my mind was also less cluttered and we had more time to assess what was important to us.  One of those things was being financially stable and paying down student debt.  Thus started my interest in Frugal Living.

Slow Fashion.

With just having a baby and the inevitable body changes that come with that, I have been slowly shrinking (yay!).  However, I was finding that while I could fit into some smaller clothes, my body shape was different and most just didn't suit me anymore.  In wanting to keep a minimalist wardrobe, but keep my clothes budget frugal, I shopped second-hand stores and started learning which clothes to look for that would be versatile, long-lasting, and classic.  I researched more into capsule wardrobes and ethical fashion.  I then fell down the rabbit hole of Slow Fashion.

Zero Waste.

Now that my house, budget, and closet were in order, it was time to look at my health and our food.  I talked about my struggles with food addiction and my new habits after reading Bright Line Eating in my last blog post.  I recently had the sad realization that I was spending too much at the grocery store, throwing away too much food and packaging, and not spending our grocery money for health.  With this realization, I started researching better Meal Planning (Hello Nutritarian is the queen), how to reduce my pantry and freezer stock (Pantry Challenge anyone?), and began striving for Zero Waste.

Paradigm Shift.

There you have it folks.  Striving for a minimalist, frugal, slow fashion, zero waste, Nutritarian lifestyle might put me in one of the tiniest niches there is, but I'm starting to feel like what my soul really wants is all coming together.  I'll be spending more time in the future talking about each one of these new-to-me passions and how it is aligning with my values and why it meshes so well with a Nutritarian lifestyle.

Do a fun exercise with me.  Remind yourself who you were 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and who you are now.  What did you discover?  What is your next passion?

Health and Happiness,


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  1. I can so relate to this post. Thank you!

  2. Five years ago I first heard about Nutritarians. I saw a bit on PBS and figured it was just more noise. There is so much conflicting information and so many miracle fads. I just blew it off. What stuck was the idea I could eat salads and vegetables to my hearts content. About that time I decided to try a fast where all I could eat was fruit and vegetables. Slowly i got use to the idea. Added some exercise and got healthy. Then added a chunk of cake and little ice cream. Ran out of time to ride my bike. Only difference is this time I know what to do.