What costs more: Exercise or Motivation for Exercise?

I am so bummed out!  My university offers exercise (Pay-for) classes at our Student Rec Center that are divided into two sessions per semester.  It is nearing the end of the first session, so I went online to sign up for the same classes, Core Conditioning MW and Pilates TTH, for the second session.  To my disgust they changed my Pilates class from being 4-5 at $33 dollars to being 4:50-5:30 still at $33.  So awesome, they're making my favorite class shorter and cost significantly more per minute of each class.  As being a college student, I do not have the money to be easily dropping on overpriced classes, especially when I know enough about pilates to direct myself from home. 

 I have decided to change up my exercise schedule to be more intense and cost less.  I will continue to take my core class on Mondays and Wednesdays (for $7 for the session due to a $5 discount for members), in addition I will be going to the Rec for self training in cardio and weights on Tuesdays and Thusdays, as well as fitting in 41 (one more than the Rec class haha!) minutes of pilates in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  So essentially I will be nearly doubling my weekly workout time, while saving money!

When I first started taking University provided exercise classes a few years ago, I found it a much more effective way of getting my butt to the gym more often.  I think this is due to the fact that I was personally paying for them and physically felt my money being wasted by skipping those classes.  At first my motivation for exercise was financial waste, now it seems to have shifted towards a commitment to my health and body (along with fitting into my skinny-pants).  I find that when I exercise, I feel better about myself and by body, get to wear clothes I would usually feel (but not necessarily look) fat in, and I sleep much better while getting up earlier and staying up later.  

For me my exercise motivation was feeling like I was wasting money, now it has turned into truly doing it for myself and my health.  What is your ultimate, down-to-the-wire, inspiration that gets you out of the bed and to the gym to get in shape?


  1. Same as you. Well that and being able to kick ass at hiking and skiing. It always makes me feel awesome to know I can hike 11.4 miles with my super athlete brother and keep up. Or be one of the best skiers on the mountain. ;)

    FYI - If you have Netflix streaming, you can stream lots of workout videos including yoga and pilates.

  2. Oh great, I'll have to check out Netflix pilates when I start doing morning pilates on my own in a few weeks. -ANK